TOMi 100g pouch – turkey with spinach jelly

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TOMi 100g pouch – salmon in egg jelly

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TOMi 100g pouch – poultry in tomato jelly

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TOMi 100g pouch – beef in carrot jelly

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The best confirmation of our philosophy is its success

It is a success which has allowed our brand to expand considerably over the last ten years and together with the continuous increase in sales figures, has convinced more and more new satisfied clients.

This success and its claim to quality, innovation and sustainability is the focus of our obligation – and this is what we stand for.

We insist on honest, ethical behaviour in all areas of our business. Along with the central principles of environmental protection and responsibility, this covers the topics of integrity, social responsibility, dealing with business partners, management principles, confidentiality and data protection.


  • Quality for the animal – guaranteed by highest quality and product acceptance

  • Satisfaction for the pet owner

  • Economic success and security for the trading partner

  • Product innovation to secure our market position and provide security and future of the brand


We believe in

Trust is good,

control is better!!!

All TOMi products are monitored in internal laboratory and independent scientific facilities. Our products are subjected to constant quality checks – each and every production batch is analysed in accredited laboratories run by independent service providers.

Regular control audits and process checks based on the internationally recognised HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) concept also contribute significantly to our quality assurance and early recognition of risks.